Chinese Medicine is based on the principle that our health is dependent in the balanced functioning of the body motivating energy, known as Qi (pronounced Chee). It views the human body and its interaction with the environment as an integrated whole and emphasizes the harmony between various organs within the body and the harmony between body and nature. Any illness is believed to be caused by loss of the harmony due to the imbalance between the opposite qualities of Qi, namely Yin and Yang.



Also of great importance is the role our lifestyle plays in health and disease. Proper nutrition, exercise and mental attitude are crucial to maintaining health. Changing poor health habits must accompany medical treatments if optimum health is to be achieved. Chinese medicine has always emphasized strongly the damaging effect negative emotions have on our state of health. Frustration, anger, fear and stress can cause disease.


Changes in lifestyle or diet may also be advised. Your commitment to therapy and improving lifestyle habits is essential to the process of regaining health. Illness is often the result of years of accumulated poor health. Reversing these takes commitment and time.


Chinese medicine consists of acupuncture and herbal medicine.